How to Make Perfect Gnoochi w/ spinach mushroom & cheese

Gnoochi w/ spinach mushroom & cheese.

You can cook Gnoochi w/ spinach mushroom & cheese using 7 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Gnoochi w/ spinach mushroom & cheese

  1. It’s of Gnoochi (I use ready made).
  2. It’s of Spinach (I use frozen spinach).
  3. It’s of Shitake Mushroom.
  4. It’s of Cheese (grate cheese is ok).
  5. It’s of Milk (full cream).
  6. You need of Sugar (optional).
  7. It’s of see pictures below.

Gnoochi w/ spinach mushroom & cheese instructions

  1. Tiny weenie ingredients.
  2. Boil gnoochi until it floats and then rinse the water. Put it aside first..
  3. Pan fry the spinach and shitake mushroom. Once its cooked…put aside..
  4. In a pot, pour milk and simmer until it goes blop blop blop..
  5. And then put cheese into it. Stir stir stir..
  6. While it still blop blop blop, sprinkles all the tiny weenie ingredients & the pan-fried ingredients. Stir..
  7. Put gnoochi into the mixture. Stir..
  8. Once everything mix well together. Put everything into a bowl/plate. Don't let it simmer longer, otherwise the cheese gravy will dry..
  9. Andddd it's done! 🥔 🥔(You may sprinkles parmesan – optional).
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