Recipe: Tasty Healthy peanut butter dips

Healthy peanut butter dips. Peanut butter, honey, and yogurt are combined making a kid-pleasing dip perfect for apples. A healthier, lower-fat and lower-calorie version of peanut butter fruit dip. Use soon after prep, especially if using flax or chia seeds.

This might be a handful of nuts/seeds. Perfect for dipping apples, pretzels or fruit. Want our best healthy snack trick? You can cook Healthy peanut butter dips using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Healthy peanut butter dips

  1. It’s of Pure peanut butter.
  2. You need of Honey (to your liking).
  3. Prepare of Filtered water (to your liking).
  4. It’s of Apple slices and raisin.

Healthy, Low Sugar Peanut Butter Dip. How to Make Peanut Butter Fruit Dip. Add your favorite all natural peanut butter, coconut milk or whole plain yogurt, honey and vanilla together in a bowl. Peanut butter dip makes the perfect afternoon snack or dessert.

Healthy peanut butter dips step by step

  1. There is no actual measurement for this dip. You just have to mix all three ingredients to your liking. More water for thinner consistency, less water for thicker consistency. The same goes with the honey..
  2. Combine peanut butter, honey and water in a bowl..
  3. Stir the peanut butter mixture until all combined and look smooth. Adjust the amount of water until you reached your desire consistency for your dips. I like mine a bit thinner..
  4. Served the peanut butter dips with Apple slices and raisin..

This easy, healthy low carb Peanut Butter dip with Chocolate Chips is simple to make. This recipe uses cream cheese, heavy cream, and a few other ingredients to make a creamy, fluffy keto dip that tastes like a Reeses. Peanut butter is fairly nutritious and is a good source of protein compared to many other plant foods. However, there are a few reasons why eating a lot Peanut butter is one of the world's most popular spreads. It tastes delicious, the texture is simply amazing and the way it sticks to the roof of your.

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