Recipe: Delicious Healthy Lentil Dahl

Healthy Lentil Dahl.

You can cook Healthy Lentil Dahl using 12 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Healthy Lentil Dahl

  1. It’s of onion, chopped.
  2. It’s of celery stick, diced.
  3. You need of garlic, crushed.
  4. It’s of a fresh red chilli, diced.
  5. Prepare of curry powder.
  6. It’s of turmeric powder.
  7. You need of cherry tomatoes, halved.
  8. You need of tomato purée.
  9. It’s of dried red lentils.
  10. You need of water.
  11. You need of coconut oil.
  12. Prepare of Dessicated coconut to garnish.

Healthy Lentil Dahl instructions

  1. Gently fry the onion, garlic, chilli and celery in the coconut oil for 5 minutes..
  2. Add the dry spices, stir and continue to cook for another few mins..
  3. Add the tomato purée and stir well. Then add the cherry tomatoes and dried lentils. Stir to coat in spice, then add your water. Simmer gently until the lentils are fully tender (about 20 minutes).
  4. Serve immediately sprinkled with dessicated coconut or nuts if desired, or allow to sit overnight in the fridge to develop the flavour if possible..
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