Easiest Way to Make Perfect Spiced Breaded Puffball Mushroom With Chickpeas, Chorizo & Feta

Spiced Breaded Puffball Mushroom With Chickpeas, Chorizo & Feta.

You can cook Spiced Breaded Puffball Mushroom With Chickpeas, Chorizo & Feta using 18 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Spiced Breaded Puffball Mushroom With Chickpeas, Chorizo & Feta

  1. Prepare of For the mushroom cutlets:.
  2. It’s of large 1 inch slices of giant puffball mushroom,.
  3. You need of medium egg, beaten,.
  4. You need of white breadcrumbs,.
  5. You need of smoked paprika,.
  6. Prepare of tumeric,.
  7. Prepare of small pinch of chilli flakes,.
  8. You need of dried oregano,.
  9. It’s of Sea salt flakes and pepper to season,.
  10. It’s of Extra virgin olive oil for frying.
  11. Prepare of For the remainder:.
  12. You need of sliced chorizo,.
  13. It’s of medium egg,.
  14. It’s of drained tinned chickpeas,.
  15. You need of organic feta cheese.
  16. It’s of large clove garlic, sliced finely.
  17. You need of Garnish:.
  18. Prepare of Dried or fresh chives.

Spiced Breaded Puffball Mushroom With Chickpeas, Chorizo & Feta instructions

  1. Slice the giant puffball into round cutlets about 1 inch thick, then using a large cookie cutter cut into three neat disks (optional for best presentation). Take the breadcrumbs and add them to a bowl along with all of the dried spices, herbs, salt and pepper in the cutlets section of the recipe list. Mix together then scatter evenly over a plate..
  2. Heat up a large frying pan and drizzle in a good amount of olive oil. Once hot dredge the puffball cutlets first in the beaten egg mixture then into the breadcrumbs until coated then fry them, in batches until golden and crisp on each side. Whilst they are cooking in a separate small frying pan begin to fry your egg. Remove the cutlets from the pan once golden and crisp and leave upon some kitchen towel to remove the excess oil..
  3. Add the sliced chorizo and chickpeas into the frying pan you had the cutlets in and season with salt and pepper then gently fry using the same olive oil. Once the chorizo is just becoming crisp on the edges add the sliced garlic and fry for around 20 seconds until fragrant and crisp but not burnt. Remove the frying pan from the heat..
  4. First plate up the mushroom cutlets, then place on the fried egg. Lastly spoon over the chorizo, garlic and chickpeas then garnish with chives. Enjoy! :).
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