How to Cook Delicious Onion bhaji

Onion bhaji. Onion bhaji, a famous and delicious Indian starter is esay to prepare at home. A bhaji, bhajji, bhajiya or bajji is a spicy hot snack or entree dish similar to a fritter, originating from the Indian subcontinent, with several variants. Serve your crispy onion bhajis with cooling cucumber and mint raita as a snack, or eat alongside a homemade Indian curry.

Then, try this Easy Onion Bhaji recipe. They are the perfect tea-time snack as well as a delicious side to your favorite Indian curries! Onion bhajis are one of my all-time favourite snacks. You can have Onion bhaji using 6 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Onion bhaji

  1. You need 2 of Big Onion.
  2. You need Gram of flour 1 cup.
  3. It’s 1/4 cup of Rice flour.
  4. Prepare 1 tsp of Red chill powder.
  5. You need of Hing little.
  6. You need to taste of Salt.

The key to a great onion bhaji is to slice the onion very finely – this is important so the onion has time to cook within the batter when frying. Brown onions are best as they have a stronger onion flavour than white or red onions which mellows out during cooking to. Homemade onion bhajis are well worth the effort, they're great as a starter for an Indian feast. This spicy onion bhaji recipe is so easy to make and is the perfect vegan side dish for your next Indian.

Onion bhaji instructions

  1. Cut onions in round shape.
  2. Take bowl add all ingredients to it.add water to make batter..
  3. Take pan add oil.mix Onion to batter.put mixed Onion one by one to oil n deep fry it..

A healthier version of the fried Indian appetizer, these baked bhajis are crunchy bites of sauteed onion mixed with A healthier alternative to the deep-fried onion bhajis you find in Indian restaurants. Dan says: "Deep-frying onion bhajis is a fatty option, and there's a lot of mess to clean up. I developed this recipe using traditional curry house techniques to make the perfect batter. Onion Bhaji are easy to make at home with none of the stodginess found in most supermarket versions. Mine have a very light batter so that the taste of the onions and spices come through.

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